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With the help of book marketing experts and successful authors, has published a new marketing book:Indie Author Book Marketing Success.” This book is dedicated to helping indie authors successfully market their books, and touches on several different aspects of book marketing.

If you take a quick step into the online world, you’ll find hundreds if not thousands of websites and books all related to book marketing and from hundreds of different people and perspectives. The diversity of book marketing experts is as assorted as the books they write and market, yet each one holds an insight or two that the others might have missed.

So why do we need another book on book marketing?

 “Indie Author Book Marketing Success is unique in that it brings some of the leading book marketing experts and best-selling authors from around the net all to one place. Each author writes about their own area of expertise to help other authors be successful.

Contributors include:

14 different authors.

14 different marketing topics.

The book marketing journey is one that every successful author must take in his or her own way. There is no one way to market books successfully. You have to work hard and find what works best for you. Book marketing can be intimidating, let these experts help you find your way.


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Here’s what others are saying about this book:
“This new book is an ideal primer if you are an independent (self published) author and are looking for tips to use digital marketing to help you promote your book whether it is a physical book or a digital book.”Krishna De, Review clip from

“This book is absolutely chock-full of information. For a non-marketing type of author like myself, this book is gold. There is no way I will ever be able to implement all the strategies in this book… but I don’t need to! There are so many different ideas here, I can choose which ones apply to my particulars (and to my preferences).” - Arabah Joy, Review clip from

“This Marketing handbook is a Complete and Comprehensive tool and can be every successful Author’s perfect companion. It is comprised not only of proven 5-star Marketing Techniques, Tips and Tools, but also includes a roadmap to improve the sales of your book. It is a book of compilation of the experiences from more than a dozen Successful Authors and Book Marketing Experts. It is really second to none…Through their real insights and hindsights, the readers will be able to know their effectiveness marketing from a different and diverse perspectives and needs. They also shared their relevant websites and resources as to how the reader can take it further… This book offers an enriching, fulfilling and rewarding experience.” - James Oh, edited excerpt





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